Welcome To Q-Tech

Q-Tech Engineering has been in existence since 1965 and has steadily developed into a group of engineering entities providing one-stop reliable excellence service above and beyond. In the vast Rail, Power Mining and Automotive industries. Q-Tech has become a force to be reckoned with, manufacturing a diverse range of standard and non-standard parts and components whilst also providing a dependable breakdown service. Q-Tech has also developed a
R & D Department that continually strives to improve their present range of Overhead Traction Equipment and other products.

Over a quarter of a century stands behind our solid reputation of service to the Southern African mining, steel, power generation and transport industries.

We provide a reliable, efficient service working to the highest standards of quality, creating an excellent manufacturing alternative for all types of mechanical equipment and spares.

The company assists in breakdown situations and supplies solutions to complex engineering problems.

54 Years Of Superior Excellence

Our production of prototype equipment andspares for many industries has increased the local content of products, thus avoiding costly imports.

By utilizing the most advanced manufacturing methods, we maintain firm, competitive price structures, benefitting clients' by stabilizing budgets and ensuring reliable extended planning.

A brief synopsis of our activities includes

supplying fully tested and certified ferrous and non-ferrous castings and forgings to BS 970 and ASTM standards. We have a fully equipped pattern and tool making facility, and castings are produced by three main

methods :

green sand casting

gravity die casting and

investment casting.

BEE Certificate and Affidavit